Can you answer reflected and unambiguous to the question WHY?

The WHY is an excellent starting point for purposeful organisational development.

MindAction is the advisor and facilitator with ideas, methods, and competencies.

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WHICH competencies are relevant for the various leadership roles?

MindAction provides the end-2-end design of the analysis, strategy, design and conduction of leadership programmes.

MindAction design and deliver contemporary leadership programs where the leaders are engaged with digital preparation, physical reflection, discussion, gamification, and co-creation based on real-life leadership dilemmas. (simulation | action learning).

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WHICH benefits appear from our evaluation processes?

Has the project achieved behavioural change in the organisational culture and work streams?

What do we know of the project's ROI? What have we learned?

MindAction can act end-2-end advisor and consultant from strategy to execution.

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It takes leadership for the organisation to perform and the business to flourish - leadership that role models future and purpose - the flavour of simple and authentic leadership.

In the collaboration between MindAction and the organisation we create simple, meaningful and sustainable projects that provide value for the business, the organisation and the stakeholders.

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  • Organisational communication
  • Leadership development in all organisational layers
  • EVP and employee experiences
  • Organisational engagement
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